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Company History

Since 1959, we've been in the Fasteners industry.

With the Dhaatri Steel project, we’re Laying the Foundation for the Future of Fastening.

Our expertise lies in creating a diverse range of fastening solutions, from bolts and nuts to specialized screws, washers, and pal nuts. 

We engineer connections that stand the test of time, providing the reliability and support that projects need to evolve from blueprints to reality. Our fasteners are the building blocks that instill confidence in every structure they become a part of. 


With a focus on quality and innovation, we contribute to the success of industries that rely on steadfast foundations.

Contact us for fastening solutions that not only endure but also enable your projects to thrive.

Empowering Industries with Stronger Foundations.

We’re committed to deliver solutions that stand the test of time, connecting industries, communities, and progress.

Our Mission

To provide high-performance fasteners that stand as a backbone to strong and resilient structures across various industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the pioneers of fastening manufacturing, all while delivering high-end solutions that our clients trust in.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our product development. We're continuously exploring new technologies and practices to enhance our offerings.

Collaborating Across Varied Sectors

Whether it’s the Power industry, Steel infrastructure, Automotive, or Railways, our fasteners are integral to projects that require the highest standards of quality and reliability. From construction to complex machinery, our products empower industries to build more robust and reliable structures.


When you choose Dhaatri Steel fasteners, you’re confident that each foundation you lay is strong, secure, and reliable.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Superb quality, outstanding lead times, and extremely helpful customer support. Everything at dhaatristeel

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

No matter what, Fastener World delivers products on schedule.

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

The costs at Dhaatri Steel are quite reasonable and competitive for businesses of all sizes.

Quality Control

Quality Control

one of the top quality control divisions, with stringent procedures.

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Our Team

Expert Professional

Richard Beaty

General Manager

Barbara Campbell

Chief Engineer

Dwight Birley

Head Engineer

Chauncey Edwards

Architecture Designer